Big Break

Imagine a place where there is no snow, where you can take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes.

A place where you’re living side-by-side with other Cru college students and developing an amazing community, a place where God shows up in your life in ways you never thought of…

Well, this place does exist… and it happens during Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida!




The Edgewater Beach Resort. The rooms are luxury condos called “The Villas,” surrounded by a lush golf course and across the street from the beach. The Conference Center is on the property. Cru pretty much takes over – it’s a nice “haven” from the craziness of the rest of PCB during the month of March.



We’ll carpool! If you want to take your car, we’ll pay for your gas!



Be sure to bring some money for food for meals during the week. The condos have full kitchens available for our use.



Includes lodging, transportation and the conference.

REGISTER and then we will send you instructions for how to pay the full amount. It’s a good idea to pay in full by the first Friday in February to make sure you reserve your spot!


OPTION #2: THE DEAL for $50
Register and pay the $50 deposit. Then, write 27 ‘support letters’ to ask others to send you on this missions trip.

We will be bringing the message of Jesus and the gospel to thousands of college students who need to hear about God. We have experienced that adults would like the opportunity to participate in this effort by providing you with the financial means of going. If you write these staff-approved support letters to qualifying (i.e. singles or couple who have career employment) adults whom you know (and who isn’t your mom or dad), we are so confident that at least $395 will be raised that the maximum you’ll pay for his trip is the $50 deposit… no matter what actually comes in.

That’s the deal. No matter what actually comes in, if you follow the Deal’s instructions you don’t pay more than $50.

Here’s how to take advantage of “The Deal”
1. REGISTER for Big Break and PAY the $50 deposit. (Pay on the registation site or hand a check to your Cru leader.

Remember – people want to support missions more than you want to ask them to send you. They give out of joy, not obligation. They give to God, not you.

Last year, a majority of students participated in “The Deal” and raised all of their money necessary for the trip. Not bad, huh? Spring Break for only $50!



Here’s your step-by-step instructions on completing “the Deal”

  1. Step-by-Step Instructions: Deal Instructions
  2. Support Letter: First-Timer or Returnee
  3. Response Card: Response Card
  4. Contact Database: Contact Database



THE BEST Directions from Kalamazoo to PCB

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